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Gone Too Long [2012]
Self-produced EP containing 5 songs with me playing all the instruments recorded in my home studio.
Hollywood [2005]
Rock EP by me and the boys who are now in the Bad Tickers.
Memo From Turner [1995]
This track was recorded for the Worcester, MA based compilation originally titled Exile in Wormtown put together by Rick Blaze. It was later released overseas as a album called Like A Rolling Stones.
Rex Pluto [1994]
Worcetser-based R&B band active around 1991-1995. I played drums in this band. I wrote one song on the CD. I only uploaded that one because that is the only song for which I have the copyright. It's called Bad, Bad Stuff, a Stones-influenced blues rock number. The rap part in the middle was written by Larry Hofler, our lead singer.
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